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Explore Hotel and Hostel Policies


ADA compliant guest rooms are available and should be reserved in advance. For more information, please contact the hotel directly.

Alcohol Policy

Alcoholic beverage service is restricted to those 21 years or older with valid identification.

Age Requirement Policy

Guests must be at least 21 years of age to check in at Explore Hotel and Hostel.

Check-In and Check-Out Policy

Explore Hotel and Hostel’s guaranteed check-in time is at 3PM (EST) and check-out time is at 12PM (EST).

Requests for early check-in & late check-out will be handled based on hotel availability at the time of check-in (an additional fee is payable for guaranteed late check-out & early check out). Explore Hotel and Hostel can accommodate guest luggage complimentary in a secure location until the guest room is ready.

Should you need to confirm an earlier arrival than the hotel’s standard check-in time or a departure later than noon, please contact the hotel directly in advance. If you plan to arrive earlier than the hotel’s check-in time and want to guarantee that you would be able to check into your room upon arrival, we would advise you to reserve the night prior to the date of arrival. Exceeding check-out times without notifying the front desk in advance can result in extra charges, including, but not limited to, late check-out fees and/or an extra night’s charges being applied to your bill.

Early Departure Policy

All departures prior to date agreed at time of check-in will be subject to a one night’s room and tax early departure charge.

Credit/Debit Card Policy

Debit and Credit cards will be authorized at check-in for the amount of your stay, plus an amount to cover incidentals. The authorization will hold the funds until check out, at which time the amount actually incurred during the stay will be charged. Authorized amounts may take up to 30 days after departure to be released by your bank or financial institution and the hotel will not be responsible for any resulting fees or charges.

Payment Policy

If guest is paying cash, a deposit equal to the room, tax plus $30 per day towards incidentals might be collected at check-in.

For payment arrangements to a third-party credit card, please contact the hotel’s reservations department at least 72 hours prior to guest’s arrival. Our Reservations Department is open Monday through Sundays, 24 hours per day at (201) 330-1144 or email us at res@explorehotelandhostel.com.

Travelers Check Cashing Policy

Check cashing services are available to guests who present valid identification. There is a limit of $200 per stay.

Rollaway Bed & Baby Cot Policy

A rollaway bed may be arranged for private rooms only for a $25 per night charge plus taxes.

All children under 2 years of age stay free of charge and baby cots are not available, at the hotel.
Maximum capacity of baby cots per room is one. All children under 4 years of age stay free of charge when using existing bedding. All children over 4 years of age will be considered as an adult.


An extra person charge of $30 plus taxes will apply for any reservations exceeding
maximum occupancy. Please see the following for the maximum occupancy for each room:

* Bed in a 4 bed dormitory: 1 person maximum per bed (extra person fee does not apply for 2nd person; 2nd person must book separately).

* Bed in a 8 bed dormitory: 1 person maximum per bed (extra person fee does not apply for 2nd person; 2nd person must book separately).

* Bed in a female dormitory: 1 person maximum per bed (extra person fee does not apply for 2nd person; 2nd person must book separately).

* Private room: 2 persons maximum per room (extra person fee applies for 3rd person) (Our private rooms carry a full bed or 1 bunk bed, an extra person would have to rent a rollaway bed which includes a rental fee, thus making the total for the extra person fee $55 per night plus taxes)

Fire Safety Policy

The hotel is fully equipped with smoke detectors and emergency evacuation plans in all rooms and public areas.

Guarantee Policy

A valid credit card guarantee, deposit or pre-payment is required at the time of booking.

Package Handling Policy

Each reservation is allowed two complimentary incoming/outbound packages that are less than 5lbs .

Packages over 6lbs to 20lbs will be charged a package handling fee of $5 (2 quantities maximum). A package handling fee of $10 total applies if packages exceed 20lbs or exceeds the maximum quantity requirement. This shipping and handling fee applies to the aforementioned materials shipped to the hotel and covers the following services:

* Receiving shipments

* Secured storage

* Distribution of shipments

Explore Hotel and Hostel can only hold incoming packages for guests 24 hours prior to the arrival date of the reservation, and can hold outbound packages 24 hours after the departure date, due to limited storage space. All incoming/outbound packages will be returned to the sender if the package is held in storage more than 24 hours. We highly recommend scheduling your delivery date accordingly (preferably during your stay). Explore Hotel and Hostel is not responsible, for any lost or stolen items.

Multiple Shipments

Multiple packages within a single shipment should be sequentially numbered, i.e., 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3

with the Primary Guest’s Name and reservation number. It may be helpful to make note of individual

package contents to ensure that itemized records of all materials are available in the event of damage

or non-receipt. All materials should be addressed as follows:

Explore Hotel and Hostel

415 38th st

Union City, NJ 07087

Hold for (Primary Guest Name)

Arrival and Departure Date of Reservation & Reservation Number

Smoking Policy

The “Union City Municipal Code” states that smoking is not permitted in public places and

places of employment. All guest rooms and public spaces are 100% non-smoking at Explore Hotel and Hostel. A $250 cleaning fee will be charged to any guest who violates the smoking policy.

Waitlist Policy

Hotel does not offer the option of a waitlist if fully committed.

Lost and Found Policy

Explore Hotel and Hostel is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen personal items. All rooms are equipped with in-room lockers, and our Front Office offers a safety deposit box facility. Should any guests lose personal belongings whilst staying at Explore Hotel and Hostel, if recovered, the item will be recorded as ‘found’. Explore Hotel and Hostel keeps detailed records of all ‘found’ items, and will make a reasonable effort to contact the guest if an item is left in the hotel’s guest room after the guest has checked-out which will be placed in our Lost & Found safety box. We will ship items back at the owner’s expense. Any items in the Lost & Found, which are not claimed within ninety (90) days, will be donated to a local charity or discarded.

General Policy

Explore Hotel and Hostel has a zero tolerance policy in which it will refuse to admit or refuse service or
accommodation in the hotel or may remove a person who: while on the premises of the hotel acts in
an obviously intoxicated or disorderly manner, destroys or threatens to destroy hotel property, or
causes or threatens to cause a public disturbance; or refuses or is unable to pay for the accommodations or services. Explore Hotel and Hostel may limit the number of persons who may occupy a
particular guest room in the hotel and will only allow registered guests to use its facilities. A person
who negligently or intentionally causes damage to the hotel or any furniture or furnishings within
the hotel, shall be liable for damages sustained by the hotel staff, including the hotel’s loss of revenue
resulting from the inability to rent or lease rooms while the damage is being repaired.

Pet Policy

Explore Hotel and Hostel does not allow pets due to concerns that some guests have allergic reactions towards pet dander and due to the threat of ticks and fleas.

Housekeeping Service

We provide housekeeping service everyday between the hours of 8AM to 4:00 PM.

Equipment Rental Policy

Explore Hotel and Hostel provides umbrellas or adaptors upon request for a refundable deposit of $20USD.

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